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   KITTEN PHOTOS FROM PREVIOUS LITTERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



          Blue Mitted                                                                       Seal Mitted                                                         Seal Bicolor


Seal Lynx Mitted with a Blaze                    Blue Lynxpoint                              Blue Colorpoint


My human wanted the contents but I think I got the better deal!                                                  Lilac Bicolor and Seal Point Mitted-brotherly love!


Blue Lynx Bicolor, Blue Lynx Mitted, & Blue/Creme Bicolor                                                     Blue Lynxpoint Mitted Napping-SO-O-O Cute!


Gorgeous Seal Colorpoint Kitten                                                        1 Year old Seal Mitted Ragdoll                           

This is "Finn" with his canine and feline companions.  "Finn" is a really special kitten and from a very early age it became apparent that he had all the qualities of a therapy cat.  You can read about him on the Ragdoll Therapy Cats page on my website.  At the tender age of 6 months old he is already hard at work and loving every minute of it.  I am so proud of this exceptional kitty boy!



Blue Creme Split Face Tortie Mitted at 10 week and at 11 months old.   What a RagDOLL!





seal colorpoint at 10 weeks                                           Here I am now at 4 years old in full color coat.  GORGEOUS!   




Grocery shopping just wears us out!                                                                   "Mom, we've checked both bags, did you get our favorite food?"

We like to take turns hangin' out with the teddy bear.                                                                                                                    There is nothing like a hug! 




Here I am warming the sheets for my human!  7 months old                                      Same seal bicolor at 2 years old, I know GORGEOUS!

 "Dancing with the Stars Newest Celebrity Dancer"

                                                                                                                                                    Stunning Seal Bicolor 





Not only can 2 kittens from different litters get along beautifully, but these 2 kittens are from 2 different breeds.  On the left is a CC Bay Rags  Curly Selkirk Rex and on the right is a CC Bay Rags Seal lynx kitten.  Both are as happy as can be living together and their owner loves both of them!


                                            Gorgeous Blue Eyes, I bet you wish she were your kitty!       Basking in the sun, watching the birds!


 Stunning Blue Creme Female                                                                                           2 year old Blue Bicolor Ragdoll