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Below you will find some comments sent to me by my clients

In this day and age of greed how wonderfully refreshing it is to find a reputable breeder, whose primary concern is the wellbeing of the cats she breeds and the kittens she raises to place in homes. I am the lucky recipient of two of those marvelous animals. Anybody who is lucky enough to be graced with the presence of a CC Bay Rags Ragdoll has made the wisest choice in choosing to select one of Marilu's kittens! Anybody who loves animals will be besotted with their Ragdoll. My son's best friends, twins, both allergic to cats, arrived at my house after my newest Ragdoll's arrival declaring that they had their benadryl and eye drops followed by,"Where is the baby?" The baby, was then cuddled, stroked, adored, and photographed with the boys, the pictures of which are now displayed on facebook. Having already experienced how wonderful my nearly 2 year old Ragdoll is they couldn't wait to meet the new one.

My first Ragdoll, a gorgeous sealpoint, was my first experience with the breed and I will tell you that there will never be another choice of breed for me. I looked at a lot of websites advertising Ragdolls, one just 10 minutes from my home, as opposed to a little over 2 hours, but not one of the breeders I emailed or spoke to until connecting with Marilu in May of 2011, gave me any indication that they really cared about what I was looking for. The primary focus was the cost I would have to pay for one of the kittens. Then came Marilu. I had wanted a male sealpoint which at the time was not available. She had 2 cremepoint males, and 1 blue lynx male, and 2 sealpoint females.  None of which would be ready to go until August.  I decided that I was so impressed with Marilu from our conversations and emails that it was worth waiting and also looking at the kittens she did have-even though a male sealpoint was not available. Well, I am not one that does well with waiting for anything but let me assure you...it was well worth the wait! The wish for a sealpoint male went out the window upon meeting the girl destined to become mine. Since then I have kept in contact with Marilu with updates of my girl and pictures...remember...besotted, and Marilu has checked in including birthday card for my girl's 1st birthday and Christmas cards.

Then in September of this past year I put out the message to Marilu that while I adored my hip hugging girl I would love a lap boy to be added to the family.  He was born the day after Thanksgiving and came home the day of the 2 foot snow storm a couple of weeks ago. Marilu was gracious enough to have me arrive early in the morning so that I could beat the storm back.  He is still not a male sealpoint but who cares about color anyway. Once you have experienced the personality of a Ragdoll the only important thing is their personality.  The time, dedication, emails with updates and pictures that Marilu puts forth for her prospective clients, the loving that Marilu's kittens come to you having experienced, makes for the most delightful addition to your home you could ever imagine. No...I am not a paid advocate for CC Bay Rags Ragdolls...I am simply the luckiest cat owner in the world!!! Do I recommend Marilu as a breeder...without a moment of hesitation or doubt! 

Two is Better than One Loving Family

Central MA



My husband and I promised ourselves that once we bought our first home, we would adopt a Ragdoll kitten.  As soon as we moved in, I began researching breeders in Massachusetts.  Marilu was one of the first to respond and was very prompt in returning my emails.  Making a comparison between breeders, Marilu offered the most benefits (vaccinations, neutering, take-home treats and toys) at the most reasonable cost.  When we finally picked up our kitten, we truly felt that Marilu wanted the best "furever home" for her kittens.  Her breeding and training truly shines through.  Our kitten is so playful, well-behaved, and friendly to everyone who meets him-truly everything we wanted our kitten to be.  He is such a gorgeous cat-everyone who sees him is amazed by how lovely his coat and coloring is.  I have truly fallen in love!

All I can say is that I couldn't have made a better decision; I highly recommend Marilu of CC Bay Rags and if the time is right, would adopt another Ragdoll from her in a heartbeat.

Rita & Bob

Boston area

Shortly after submitting this they did adopt this boy's littermate and are just thrilled to have both kittens!---Marilu

As we prepare to celebrate the arrival of 2012, we reflect on the significant events of 2011.  For our family, this was "The year of the Ragdoll", the miracle of finding breeder extraordinaire, Marilu Souza, (the company name, "CC Bay Rags" so fortunately selected by us, after tedious scrolling through numerous internet possibilities).  2011 marks our welcoming home our sweet Ragdoll girl, not only a physically magnificent feline but, one having an exceptionally loving, gentle disposition, bringing pure joy, to anyone interacting with her.

Our relationship/friendship with Marilu is happily ongoing.  This is the first family-pet-finding experience that was not simply a purchase/sale agreement!  Marilu corresponded for months prior to my kitten's readiness for home life.  Receptively addressing all possible subjects from the "Ragdoll Golden Rule Book", like using World's Best Litter", to appropriate cat tree choice, what house plants may be poisonous, and behavioral tips.  She remains our "Guru", when it comes to "Anything Ragdoll". How perfect ("purrfect", in Marilu's terms!) is it that Marilu has always been right there, ready with an immediate response or suggestion, in spite of her full time obligations to many kittens! 

Our girl clearly reflects the great affection, kindness, care and expertise she received the first 3 months with Marilu.

If you've read this far...that's exactly how the incredible "Ragdoll Journey" began for us! 

Owners of Ragdoll Extraordinaire 

Boston, MA


 I don't remember when I saw my first Ragdoll at a cat show but the breed never left my mind afterwards. Having a neurotic rescued dog I knew I wanted a Ragdoll "someday" but it would have to be later rather than sooner. This gave me lots of time to research breeders and the breed.  I went to cat shows, websites and visited some catteries. But I always kept going back to Marilu's website and photos. I grew up with cats and have wanted another one for "furever" but the time had to be right.  I first went on Marilu's site early in 2009.  I watched Cats 101 on Animal Planet every single time they featured Ragdolls, not realizing at first that they were Marilu's beauties!  I finally made the decision to go forward with my dream early in 2011. I emailed Marilu and she got back to me promptly.  We "talked" by email a lot, to the point that I thought she was sure to be sick of me and rolling her eyes every time she saw my name pop up.  But she was always gracious, understanding and patient with my constant questions and concerns.  Once I made the decision to adopt I was so excited.  Marilu sent pictures frequently so I could watch my kitten growing big enough to come home with me. And OH was she worth it!  She fits her name, which is Amazing Gracie!  She is the sweetest, softest, most amazing kitten I have ever had.  No one is immune to her charms.  I had one tough, burly repairman here recently who wanted to take her home. He held her and kissed her after she sat on his boot in my kitchen!  I can't say enough good things about Marilu and her Ragdolls. Gracie came to me in excellent health, socialized, spayed and with health records already established, not to mention Marilu sending us home with all kinds of kitten goodies that were a huge help. Gracie fit right in and we've never looked back.  I'm so happy with my decision to go with the Ragdoll breed but I know the entire experience was made so much better because of Marilu.  Going to her house the day I met Gracie in person showed me a spotless home without a hint of cat odor, surely a daunting task with kittens, their moms, and other animals in the family.  I'm now thinking about getting Gracie a little sister. Thank you, Marilu, for being the best "first Mom' a baby ever had! 

Amazing Gracie's Second Mom

Southeastern MA

Dear Prospective Ragdoll Owners,

I am so delighted that Marilu of CC Bay Rags is allowing me to express my appreciation on her new reference page.  I want to let everyone know how much I value the service she provides. Not only does she produce some of the most gorgeous Ragdolls in the New England area, she actually extends herself to be there for authentic support in the aftermath of taking the new kitty home.

My family and I received our Ragdoll kitten from CC Bay this past March.  My partner upon hearing about my love affair with a Ragdoll cat I owned previously(who unfortunately passed away prematurely), decided it was time for me to have another. Anyway, although I became excited about the prospect of getting a new kitty, I also approached the idea with nervousness and a little skepticism because my previous Ragdoll's death was shocking and traumatic. To acquaint myself with what was out there in the New England area, I surveyed numerous sites. Many of the sites did not have available kittens, and were quite far from the Boston area. But when I found CC Bay Rags it was the perfect match.  Unsurpassed quality in the breeding, close to home, friendly, knowledgeable and supportive all wrapped up in one. Before my first visit to the cattery, Marilu must have spent at least a few hours communicating with me and addressing all my questions and hesitations. In person she is just as patient and personable as her Ragdolls are healthy and beautiful.  I was also impressed with how clean and well maintained the environment was. Then, when I took a look at Sir Cupid, up close and personal for the first time, I fell in love(hence, the name "Cupid"). I knew obtaining a kitten from CC Bay Rags was something that would be a rewarding experience for many years to come. 

Marilu gifts those who receive her Ragdolls very generously with items that will be of use in the first few weeks as they are being introduced to their new homes. She even goes as far as to hand craft toys and a plush little carrier mat that your cat can use for years to come. Furthermore, when I had a little behavior issue that I wasn't sure how to deal with, I called Marilu and not only did she return my call and speak to me extensively about it, but she emailed me as well. It's nice to know that I can continue to utilize her guidance as needed. 

Sir Cupid is doing very well.  He is healthy, playful, has the sweetest disposition and melts the hearts of all who come in contact with him. Just last week he was at the vet and people kept coming in to get a better look at what was rumored to the most beautiful kitten seen.  We tell anyone who will listen about CC Bay Rags and Marilu.  We could not be more pleased with our decision to get our Sir Cupid from there.  

Purrfectly Sincere,

Belinda and Family


Thanks to CC Bay Rags we were able to find the right pet for us.  Marilu answered all of our questions and it truly was a pleasure to do business with her.  Adopting a pet is a business transaction, but CC Bay Rags was able to make it a personal and positive experience. Our kitten, Mazzy, is a part of our family and Marilu of CC Bay Rags is not only a breeder, but a friend of our family.

                                                                                                                     Mary Ann 

                                                                                                                     Central Massachusetts


"We were planning on one Ragdoll kitten, but we couldn't decide which, so we came home with two!  They're beautiful, healthy, playful and we love them. Thank you Marilu....."  C and M  Orleans, MA

"Dear Marilu- We have never owned a cat before so while we liked what we read about Ragdolls we weren't really sure what they were like. She is an amazing kitten!  She follows me around at home, will come when her name is called, fetches her favorite toy for us to throw, gets along beautifully with our biggest and smallest dogs, and loves to cuddle. She is not standoffish at all like my son's cats. I think she is the epitome of the best of the Ragdoll breed. We appreciate you sending us home with her litter, food and water. It made her transition to our home and water so much easier, and she did not become sick.  And thank you for socializing her, she is so friendly with people and the dogs.  We can't begin to tell you how much we love her and are thankful she lives with us.  You breed the best Ragdolls."

Proud Parents of "Dancing with the Stars Newest Celebrity Dancer" -Cape Cod, MA


Hello Marilu,

I have been wanting to email you for quite some time to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for breeding the most AMAZING cats in the world, for your time, committement and availability to your customer.

As you know Magic is our very first cat and Jill's very first real pet.  She had always had her heart set on a little puppy but I felt as though it wouldn't be fair to have a little dog home alone all day while we are at work and she at school.  I thought a cat was a better choice due to our busy schedule.  I was extrememly nervous about how Magic would adapt to us and vice versa.  I worried about bonding with him and whether or not we would enjoy having a cat. 

We have had Magic for almost two months now and I cannot begin to tell you how much we LOVE and adore this little guy!  It was love from the moment we picked him up and our hearts are overflowing with love and affection for him!  Jill and I can't help smothering him with hugs and kisses, sometimes he's sandwiched between us and she's kissing him one side and I'm on the other.  My husband is also in love with him but unfortunately, he has little time with him because Jill and I want him with us.

Magic has made our family complete and getting him was the absolute best decision we ever made.  My only worry is some day Jill will move out and she will be taking Magic with her.  I can't bear the thought of not having him with me everyday.  My husband said we will get another Ragdoll and we certainly would.  I hope and pray you will be still breeding Ragdolls when the time comes for us to get another one. 


Magic is the most gorgeous, funniest, sweetest Ragdoll in the world!!!  He was meant to be a part of our family and we are so pleased and thankful that he is.

With much graditude,

Jane, Richard, & Jill

Western, MA 


This was sent to me right after Hurricane Earl paid the Cape a visit.

Hi Marilu,

C.P. asked me to send a little note to see how you folks made out in last night's storm. He was quite concerned after watching the weather forcast on TV last night. He sends purrs and head butts. Right now he is enjoying a new toy I just picked up for him.  It is a stick with a piece of fleece hanging from it and it has a box at the end of the stick that makes a chirping sound when it moves. When it chirps he answers it with a purr/meow as if he were talking to it. 

C.P. is getting so big. He has lost his baby teeth and the new ones have come in so nicely. I have noticed that his tongue is growing longer and wider (the better to give kisses at 4am).  He is quite the talker and he has a good loud voice.  I didn't know Ragdolls were so vocal. When I call him for supper, I say "Hey C.P." and he comes running and meows in answer.  I'll ask him if he wants supper or breakfast and he keeps up a running conversation until I feed him and purrs loudly while eating.  I often wonder how he can do that without choking!

I wish you could see him now.  He's been playing and meow/purring at his new toy.  He just picked it up in his mouth and walked out of the room with it chirping away.  He has taken possession of it.  I must remember to hide it when we go to bed or we'll never sleep!  He's entertaining my husband right now.  I've got tears running down my cheeks from laughing. Oh, oh. Here he comes again.  He is such a joy! 

W. H. & C.P.

Boston, MA area

To Whom It May Concern,

We are the owners of Heather, one of Marilu Souza's Ragdoll kittens.  She was in immaculate condition when we purchased her, was healthy, well socialized and very loving.  Marilu truly cares about the welfare of her kittens and is always available for any questions you may have.  Marilu is what all breeders should be. We recommend her to you as a very responsible breeder without reservation.

                                                                       Marie, Cape Cod, MA


"I have absolutely no reservations about recommending CC Bay Rags.  Ms. Souza is a woman who clearly cares a great deal for all of her animals, and their welfare, both before and after their adoptions.  It was clear that I was being interviewed by her as an appropriate 'parent' just as I was interviewing her as an appropriate owner...and that is how it should be.  In no way was our transaction a 'sale', but was rather an adoption of a loved and healthy and cared-for animal.

I have adopted other pets in my life, but can honestly say that I never felt more sure that I was adopting an animal that woud be healthy, and had been, for her whole life, well treated.  And my feelings were accurate.  I have a healthy, happy, 'room-mate' who has quite plainly experienced only the best of care in her life."                                 

                                                                                       John, Boston, MA


My family recently purchased a young adult Ragdoll from Marilu.  She is a wonderful, healthy, well mannered kitty. 
When I first contacted Marilu I explained to her that our youngest child had Sensory Processing Disorder and we were looking for a therapy companion type cat.  Marilu was awesome!

When I met Marilu I knew she had really listened to our needs.  She greeted my child with a calm and reassuring manner.  She took the time to observe my child with a few cats and helped us decide which kitty, if any, would be the best fit.  She did not just try to sell me a cat.  She truly placed one of her beloved pets in our care.  Marilu has also continued to provide us with advice and guidance to make sure our kitty was transitioning well with her new family. 

When purchasing a cat or kitten from Marilu of CC Bay Rags you are receiving a wonderful, healthy kitty from a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable breeder.


The Hart Family of Southeastern, MA