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For several years I have had the pleasure of trying to introduce the Selkirk Rex breed to people on the East Coast.  Many of my Selkirk Rex cats have been shown and have Championed.  However, it is time for me to focus on just one breed, so I am no longer breeding Selkirk Rex kittens.  On this page you will find two of my Selkirk Rex cats who have become certified therapy cats.  I wish to thank all of my clients who have given my Selkirk Rex kittens "furever" homes.  These curly sweet cats bring smiles to all who meet them and have brought hours of joy to those lucky enough to have one of their very own.

I am in the process of growing out some Ragdoll kittens who will undergo the testing to become certified therapy cats.  These kittens will continue the work of visiting nursing homes and sharing their calm sweetness with those who love kitty visits!


 TICA NE Regional Champion & Best of Breed Angelwings 

Here on the Cape we are fortunate to have a wonderful group of people who volunteer their time to visit various nursing home facilities and schools with their pets.  As you might expect, most of the animals in this program are dogs but CC Bay Rags is proud to have two of its cats as part of the Companion Animal Program.  Although many people would agree that Ragdolls show an affinity for this type of companionship I have found that my Selkirk Rex, Champion Angelwings, has been the real  "star"  when she visits.  Her soft coat and her extremely docile disposition make her a natural.  On her very first visit she encountered a fairly lengthy fire drill and she remained calmly inside her basket despite the noise and flashing lights.

My Selkirk Rex cats, Champion Angelwings, and Owl Moon were certified to be in the Companion Animal Program and to be used as therapy cats. Both have a special ability to bring smiles to the faces of those patients they visit and an incredible ability to nuzzle and stay quietly on a lap. Champion Angelwings has been in a room with strange dogs and has shown no fear or trepidation whatsoever. As a matter of fact, she often visits one facility "riding" alongside another volunteer's dog.  

If you are a therapist or have a family member about to enter an assisted living facility and may be interested in finding one of these very special cats, please contact me at rags2rex@verizon.net.



        OWL MOON                      


 Please meet Owl Moon who is my other certified therapy cat and has joined Angelwings in the fine community work she does.  Owl Moon is a shaded silver girl who has a docile, sweet temperament and enjoys visiting people and making them smile.



Well, Finn is well into his first full week as a therapy cat.  Here he is in his therapist's chair in my office, hard at work.  He has been the "toast of the town" in our psychotherapy practice. Everyone-to a person, even those allergic to cats-has fallen in love with him.  Several patients arrived this week with beautifully wrapped gifts of kitty toys or flowers to welcome our new, beloved arrival.  Some patients spend their session playing with him, others enjoy petting him and feeling his silky softness or just watching him at rest.  Everyone marvels at his lovely temperament, calm demeanor and sweet playfulness.  He's been a huge hit and very therapeutic in helping us all laugh and open up our hearts to love.

These photos highlight the ways he is teaching me how to enhance my approach to my work and to chill out as needed!  

 "The Doctors Two",

  Boston, MA